What did you do all day?

I recently read an article from the website How Does She that rang true for my life right now. The author is Nicolette (isn’t that name adorable!), and she has 4 kids, keeping her crazy busy. I only have the 1 little guy right now, but with everything that he does so new to me, it keeps me on my toes. He is only 5 months, which does take a lot of work. Mostly, it’s waking up, eating, changing diapers & clothes, playing for a little while, and then getting him down for a nap… again! Pretty much my life revolves around his naps.

I loved reading Nicolette’s article and feeling the same way. Today, I at least got a cute shirt on, though I was in my yoga pants all day. And I had some makeup on, though it wore off pretty quickly and my hair was in a quickly put up pony tail. My motto is to do what I can to look my best, then do the more important things (taking care of a sweet little being).

Go check out Nicolette’s article if you need a good laugh and to feel some camaraderie among mothers. We’ve all been there, or are there right now, even if we try to only show our good side.

Love spending my day with this little guy.



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