Tidying Up

I’ve always been a fairly tidy person. My home just feels more comfortable and peaceful when all the stuff is in its place. This doesn’t mean that its out of sight necessarily, but its at least constrained to a smaller area.

Since having my baby, it has been so much more difficult to keep the house organized… until I started my basket system. Voila! A place for all those toys and books and blankets that accompany a child entering the family.

Initially, I kept trying to put the toys back in his bedroom, because that was where they were supposed to be, right? But then I didn’t have toys within reach when I was in the kitchen or the living room with him, so I would have to truck back upstairs to get some toys and books for the endless variety show that has become my life. Ha, ha.

Then the day came when a bright idea hit me. Most likely, many of you have already discovered this brilliant solution. I have collected quite a few baskets through store sales and (my favorite) garage sales. So I finally put the two together, clutter and baskets, to create ORDER! Yippee!

I have a basket for baby things in almost every single room. Wait, let me think. Yep, every single room.

Kitchen Basket

This one is essential since it is where we spent a great deal of time. It’s not in the most convenient placing but it does the job.

Master Bedroom Basket

I try not to have too much baby stuff in here, but you can’t help it. It all likes to creep out into all areas of the house.

Living Room Baskets

There are 4 baskets in the living room. There is one more with blankets of all sizes. The bottom one on the shelf has diaper changing necessities and the higher one is only there to hold some pictures I am scanning. It isn’t normally there, but it is great to hide (sort of) the mess of photographs.


Baby’s Room Basket

A little bit messy, but all the toys are at least corralled into the corner.



Big, small, square, rectangle, oval. There is a huge variety of options out there to fit your individual needs. If you are looking for baskets for a reasonable price, my first choice is garage sales. You can try Craigslist or online garage sales in your area. Hobbylobby and Michaels are also great craft stores to look for baskets, and you can ALWAYS get a coupon. I know that Michaels will accept coupons from other craft stores. Yesterday, I was able to use a 40% coupon from Joann Fabric, plus a 20% off your entire purchase from Michaels. The cashier said that you can use both because one is a single item and the other is a whole purchase. Woot! Remember that most of these stores have apps as well, where you can directly look up coupons.

This can be such a simple solution to clutter. Yes, all the stuff is still in the room, but at least it looks a little bit tidier, its out of the way, and you can still grab a toy when in dire need to soothe a crying babe.


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