He sleeps in my arms

I love his precious snores and his sweet hand grasps. For the most part little guy sleeps in his crib and he does pretty well with it. He assisted easily when we switched from the bassinet. I’m grateful that he sleeps in his crib but now he isn’t very good at sleeping in my arms… and I miss it. Sometimes, I just want his cuddles and warmth. Sometimes this is the only way I give myself a break from the runaround of chores. My hubs is always telling me to take a nap, read a book, or just rest. I don’t listen very well. Ha, ha. But if I’m holding little guy, it forces me to simply be. Granted I generally have my phone filled with instagram, Facebook, or some
other good use of my time. Wink. But it’s nice, too be allowed a break from running ragged.


Thank goodness for baby naps.


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